Monday, July 11, 2016

Light breaks the dawn

You are the light of my life
Without you, the whole world lies in darkness
Save us from our blindess
Righteous Sun with wisdom and grace
Save us from our wicked ways
Fill our mouths with love and mercy
Let our lips repeat your praise
Give our souls compassion and your transcendent peace
They shall be known by their love for one another, let them be one as we are one
This was your prayer for us
Oh, how far have we fallen?
How lost have we become?
Rescue me, Father
I don't know how to find my way
I need your love to breathe, to live
Give me another chance to be what I was born to be
A shining light in the darkest places
A fire of love in the coldest hatred
A reflection of you, the one I was made for
Show me the way to be
I want to show the world your wonderful face
Shine through me
I will be a carrier of your grace
I will choose to love, despite my hurt, my offense, my fear
I will choose to stand firm
The way you showed me
You were silent when accused
Brilliant when questioned
Gracious when tested
And when the time came
The greatest trial of all
The greatest persecution, more than I have ever faced
You accepted it with grace
A penalty that I deserved
You took without complaint
You chose to lay everything down, so that I could shine
So that I could be born again, made brand new, a new creation
Let me be that everyday, in every situation
Let me be a shining Son
Bringing the kingdom to earth
For all to see
Let them see you in me